•      Mon May 20 2024

Mahakali Hospital awaits workforce, equipment to ensure smooth service

Kanchanpur, April 20: The Mahakali Hospital, which was upgraded as a province hospital after the country adopted federalism, has been desperately waiting for adequate workforce and medical equipment so that it would be able to cater modern services to the patients.

The hospital established in 2020 BS as a primary health centre at Mahendragar of Kanchanpur district was upgraded to a district hospital with 25 beds in 2031BS.

Similarly, it was expanded with 50 beds in 2043BS as a referral centre.

Chairperson at the Mahakali Province Hospital Management Committee, Krishna Nanda Bhatta, said as per provision, there should be four specialist doctors of 11th class, and 16 specialist doctors of 10th and 9th classes. But, there are only 12 specialist doctors now.

According to him, 13 doctors are working as medical officers and three are dental surgeons.

There is only one working in a post of permanent doctor. Most of the doctors are taken in contract under government scholarship and by the management committee on its own.

Not only insufficient human resource but also the shortage of medical equipment is posing challenge here to ensure modern medical service to the patients. It has compelled the hospital to refer patients to other health facilities for critical treatment and care.

“We can provide treatment, but we’ve no equipment,” Bhatta said, adding that CT scan and MRI machines were needed urgently.

The hospital also lacks adequate C-arm, and USG machines, which have badly slowed the service delivery. The equipments which are conked out are not repaired on time.

The Chairman shared the plight that they drew the attention of central government but to no avail.

Although there are government quota/seats for special doctors such as psychiatrist, general physician, pathologist and dermatologist, the concerned body has not paid heed to ensure it at the hospital.

A local social worker Lildhwoj Basnet shared the plight that although the political leaders vowed to upgrade and equip the Mahakali Hospital during election, they have turned indifferent now. The hospital is not able to ensure quality service for lack of doctors and equipments, he added.