•      Thu Jun 20 2024

Mahayagya for international cricket stadium

            Chitwan: A Mahayagya is to be organised on coming February 2-9 to garner support for the construction of Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium.

            The stadium is under construction at Rampur in the western Chitwan. A main committee comprising 1,111 members headed by State Assembly member Bijaya Subedi has been formed for Dhanadhanyanchal Mahayagya.

            Committee’s general secretary Dinesh Kumar Chuke said the Mahayagya is expected to raise fund of Rs 500 million. Pandit Dinabandhu Pokharel will recite Hindu scriptures on the occasion. It is one of the most popular ways for raising fund for public works iin Nepal.

            The fund-raising Mahayagya is to be held in the stadium construction site. The construction of stadium is gaining pace with growing collection of support from different quarters of late.

            Dhurmush Suntali Foundation Chair Sitaram Kattel informed that the stadium construction is continually gaining momentum. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to be signed with international experts for the construction of cricket pitch. Currently the tasks related to pitch, laying foundation of structures and drainage systems are taking place.

            The friendly cricket matches are being held by constructing make-shift picth/grounds at the stadium. Three cricket grounds have been built where matches for 50 limited overs are taking place now.

The ground will turn into parking site after the completion of cricket stadium. The map of the stadium has been designed in a way to reflect ownership of all 77 districts of the country.

            According to the Foundation, it may require an estimated cost of Rs 2.5 billion for the completion of the stadium. —