•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Making of statues of Lord Vishwakarma in Kolkata (photo feature)

Idol of Lord Vishwokarma.

Gopinath Hawaldar, originally hailing from Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, India, is currently immersed in the creation of a statue dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma. This endeavor comes in preparation for the upcoming celebration of Vishwakarma Pooja, which is scheduled for this Monday. Lord Vishwakarma is revered as the world’s inaugural architect and is revered as the god of creation.

Vishwakarma Jayanti holds significant importance, and Lord Vishwakarma is widely venerated on this auspicious day. Alongside Hawaldar, numerous other artists are passionately engrossed in crafting paintings and providing finishing touches to various statues of Hindu deities at their work place. These statues are meticulously crafted from clay, and they create different idols for various occasions, predominantly for Hindu festivals.

Photo: Holly Brown (photojournalist from England)