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Manjushree Trail Race concludes, Ramesh Limbu stood first

Manjushree Trail (file)

Kathmandu, Nov 12: The third edition of Manjushree Trail Race has come to an end recently. Ramesh Limbu stood first in the 170-kilometre race in 32 hours 56 minutes and 14 seconds under the male category while Anita Rai became first finishing the same distance in 36 hours 47 minutes and 12 seconds under the female category in the competition organized by the Manjushree Trail Race in association with the Trail Mandu.

Both the winners of the longest trail race of the country have got an opportunity to compete in the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa to be held from September 4 to 7, 2024 in Switzerland.

The race started from Kalu Pandey Danda’s Forest Camp at Dahachowk, Kathmandu at 6:00 am last Friday. Participants, during the race, climbed uphill and descended the hills such as Phulchowki, Nagarjun, Shivapuri, Nagarkot, Champadevi, Bhasmasur and Chandragiri among others and returned to Kalu Pandey Danda at Dahachowk to finish, organizers said.

Manjurshree Trail Race’s President Subash Thapa said that short distance races, 92-kilometres, 54-kilometres and 24-kilometres- were also organized during the trail race.

Bikram Thami became winner in the 92-kilomtres race by finishing in 20 hours, 13 minutes and 3 seconds while there were no winners in that category.

President Thapa shared that since none of the female participants completed the 92-kilometres race, winner from women category was not declared.

Similarly, Bikalpa Pokharel emerged victorious in the 54-kilometres race completing it at 8 hours, 33 minutes and 19 seconds while Manju Rawat became first under the female category by completing 8 hours 36 minutes and 3 seconds.

Likewise, Shyam Magrati came out first in the 24-kilometres race at 3 hours and 5 seconds under the male category while Priya Rai became first among the women competitors at 3 hours 39 minutes 9 seconds.

The winners took home medals, certificates, adventure gears, among others.

In the competition held in four rounds, there were 67 Nepalis and 21 foreign athletes, informed Thapa, adding that among them, 19 were women.

Roland Hunter of the UK became second in the 170-kilometres trail race under the male category. Hunter, who is involved in mountaineering tourism business, said that the trail race in Nepal was the best one among those held in the Europe.

Hunter viewed, “Nepal is the best destination for trail race. Nepal could be developed as the hub for trail race by further publicizing it and streamlining it.”

Race manager Mahesh Dahal opined that the trail race culture was evolving and expanding in Nepal gradually despite the tremendous potentials Nepal has for this sport. “This kind of competition would help develop and promote race culture in the country as well as encourage Nepali athletes to prepare themselves for the reputed international races,” Dahal observed.

The trail race route was first conceptualized by famed international trail runners such as Lizzy Hawker and Seth Wolpin and Roger Henkens in 2015. RSS