•      Wed Jun 19 2024

Ministers with poor performance should be recalled: Gagan Thapa

Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa. (file)

Lalitpur, Feb 22: Nepali Congress General-Secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa has pointed out the need to reach out among the people with a determination of making the NC strong and powerful.

In a concluding session of the party’s Mahasamiti meeting at Godavari-based Sunrise Conference Centre on Thursday, General-Secretary Thapa noted NC should take bold decision to investigate properties of all those who have been in leadership position since 2046 BS.

He shared, “The ministers who have no good performance should be recalled. NC should not protect the people involved in corruption cases”.

Similarly, another General-Secretary, Bishwa Prakash Sharma, said the Mahasamiti meeting has delivered a message that the NC is united to take good governance and prosperity ahead in the country.

“We got chance to listen to the problems from all corners of the country in the Mahasamiti meeting. The NC being united will move ahead to resolve it”, he mentioned.

Sharing that the NC is the party leading the country, General-Secretary Sharma underscored the need of following the decisions endorsed by the meeting.

Joint General-Secretary Pharmullah Mansoor laid emphasis that NC leaders and cadres across the country should be united to make the party stronger, adding now there is all-inclusive representation in the party from different spheres, including women, Madhesi, Muslim in the parliament due to proportional election system, which was made possible due to the NC.

Likewise, other Joint General-Secretaries—Umakant Chaudhary, Mahalaxmi (Dina) Upadhyay, Bhisma Raj Aangdembe, Badri Prasad Pandey and Kishor Singh Rathore also underscored the need of making the party stronger reaching among the people. #Nepal