•      Mon Sep 25 2023

MPs continue partisan deliberations on the budget

Meeting of House of Representatives in 2023.

Kathmandu, June 8: Members of Parliament continue to share their opinions on the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the financial year 2080/81 in the meeting of the House of Representatives.

In today’s meeting, the MPs of the ruling party stated that the contents of the budget are good and emphasized on its implementation. Likewise, opposition MPs argued that the budget cannot address the country’s current economic problems.

In the meeting, MPs Sita Kumari Rana, Lal Prasad Sawan Limbu, Maina Karki, Yeknath Dhakal, Sita Mijar, Prabhu Hazara Dusad, Man Bahadur Gurung, Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma, Ram Kumar Rai, Hari Dhakal, Ain Bahadur Shahi Thakuri, Surya Prasad Dhakal, Leeladevi Bokhim, Pratiksha Tiwari and others expressed their views.

The House of Representatives will meet again at 11 am on Friday.