•      Mon Mar 4 2024

National Assembly panel points out lack of coordination in quake-hit zone

Rukum West, Nov 28: The National Assembly (NA), National Concern and Coordination Committee, Nepal, has pointed out the lack of coordination among the three tiers of the government in the rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the earthquake-affected areas.

The parliamentary committee under the Upper House of the Federal Parliament expressed this during a discussions programme organized here today by the District Disaster Management Committee Rukum West.

The Committee pointed out that although some level of coordination is seen among the three tiers of the government in the rescue and relief works, this was lacking in the reconstruction and the temporary shelter programmes.

Committee president Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa said coordination among all three levels of government is inevitable in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the earthquake-affected region.

On the occasion, former Finance Minister Janardan Sharma stressed on the need of building the temporary shelters in the quake-hit zone within a week. He said that 30,000 temporary shelters have to be constructed within a week as cold is increasing day by day and the earthquake survivors are facing problems due to this.

Also the lawmaker from Rukum West, Sharma mentioned that although various agencies are involved in constructing the temporary shelters, there is dearth of resources, including human resources, for the same.

“Cold is increasing sharply and there will be the risk of disease if it rains. The main priority at present is to build the temporary shelters. Tarpauline tents are no good for keeping safe from cold,” he said.

Former Minister Sharma said although the government has released funds for construction of temporary shelters, this was delayed as the required papers have not been coming from the local governments.