•      Sun May 19 2024

NCP to collaborate with all democratic forces

Narayankaji Shrestha
NCP Spokesperson Narayankaji Shrestha briefing about the NCP decisions. (file photo)

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Prachanda-Madhav faction has, in the changed context, decided to move ahead collaborating with all democratic forces.

The party held its standing committee meeting at its central office on Wednesday and agreed to move ahead, keeping the prosperity with socio-economic transformation, good governance and social justice in the center and giving attention to the implementation of the constitution and strengthening of democratic practices.

The meeting was held in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s verdict to reinstate the House of Representatives. Besides, the meeting decided to go through serious self-reflection.

According to party Spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha, the meeting highly valued the court verdict to reinstate the House of Representatives by invalidating Prime Minister’s move to dissolve it.

“The court’s announcement has not only restored the House of Representatives, but it has also safeguarded the constitution and democracy. More, it has contributed to save the country from the possibility of falling into a vicious series of conspiracy and the political crisis,” he said after the meeting.

The meeting thanked all political parties, civil society people, intellectuals and the mass who had participated in the protests against the dissolution.

As party Spokesperson Shreshtha opined, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli should resign from the post and pave a way out when the judiciary has already termed his move ‘ unconstitutional’.

The Prime Minister was supposed to resign instantly if his move was proved the unconstitutional, but no such thing happened till now, he wondered.

As per the court verdict, the parliament meeting is taking place soon and the same meeting will proceed towards the remaining process in accordance with the constitution, he added.

The leader reiterated they were in favour of the unification and they had opposed the attempts to split the party. “Though we are still in favour of the unification, it will just remain as a ‘talk’ until those attacking on the unification, indulging in groupism and exploiting the constitution and democracy do not self-reflect.”

He further said if the Prime Minister quit instantly and admitted his mistake, the unification is still possible.

In his response to a query about the NCP chairs’ meeting with main opposition party leader Sher Bahadur Deuba, he said the meeting was focused on taking the country towards stability by uniting all democratic forces.

The meeting also appealed to those leaders and cadres who have ‘deviated’ from the track to join back to the major party.