•      Wed Apr 24 2024

Negligence on part of Bheri Hospital’s nurses blamed for newborn’s death

Banke, Sept 15: A newborn died at Bheri Hospital on Friday night. The deceased’s family has blamed negligence on the part of nurses and workers at the maternity unit of the hospital for the infant’s death.

Kamala Adhikari, 20, of Chhedagadh municipality-9 in Jajarkot gave birth to a premature baby girl weighing 600 grams on Friday morning. The nurses later declared the infant dead and asked the family to receive her body after making Milan Adhikari, the husband of Kamala, sign the necessary documents.

The family of the infant took her to Bulbuliya crematorium for cremation after the hospital employees asked for Rs 2,000 to cremate the baby.  

The grave was dug and all was ready to bury the infant. To their surprise however, the infant was found alive when preparing to bury her. Following this, Milan, his eyes full of tears and screaming, took the newborn to the hospital again and admitted her there. However, the infant did not survive and died on Friday night.

Following the newborn’s death, the family and relatives blamed negligence of the hospital for her death and staged demonstrations in protest in front of the hospital since Saturday morning.

“The hospital is defending itself in the death. Its negligence caused my daughter’s death,” said Milan.

The hospital following the death of the infant issued a statement on Friday saying it would be difficult to predict health condition of premature baby. “Health of premature baby is challenged. Death of the premature baby has taught us all a lesson. The hospital pledges to not let such incaution take place in the future,” read the statement signed by Doctor Badri Chapagain, the hospital’s officiating chief medical superintendent.