•      Thu Sep 28 2023

Nepal Bar decries amendments made to Judicial Council Regulations

Nepal Bar Association

Kathmandu, Sept 20: The Nepal Bar Association (NBA) has criticized the recent amendments made to the Judicial Council Regulations.

The amendment to the Regulations was published in the Nepal Gazette on September 20 with the provision changing the order of precedence.

A meeting of the NBA held on Tuesday has criticized the new order of precedence that states immediate junior ranking after the Chief Judge of the high court to the one nominated as the high court judge after serving as the Chief Registrar of the Judicial Service.

The NBA has demanded to scrap such provision. NBA President Gopal Krishna Ghimire stated that the amended provision gives junior ranking to the legal practitioner turned judge compared to the one appointed after serving the Judicial Service.

The NBA has concluded that the new Regulations contradicts with the Article 141 (3) of the Constitution of Nepal and existing laws. The NBA has also demanded that such provisions be corrected since the recent revisions were against the constitution, law and generally accepted principles of the justice.

“This amendment is not accepted to the NBA. In addition, the NBA has concluded that this amendment is regressive, discriminatory and prejudiced,” the NBA said issuing a press statement.