•      Wed Jun 19 2024

NEPSE index fell by 57.74 points, Microfinance plunge sharply

Kathmandu, Feb 23: On the last trading day of the week, the NEPSE index fell by 57.74 points to 2022.64 points.

On Thursday, it fell by 57.74 points due to the instructions given by Nepal Rastra Bank to microfinance.

The NRB has provided that if dividends of more than 15 percent are distributed to microfinance companies, 50 percent of the excess dividends should be kept in reserve and 15 percent should be kept in CSR and 35 percent in customer protection fund.
On Thursday, the shares of more than 40 microfinance companies were in a negative circuit.

Similarly, the sensitive index decreased by 11.95 points, float index by 3.98 points and sensitive float index by 3.92 points.

On Thursday, 63,26,000 shares of 260 companies were bought and sold. Compared to Wednesday, NEPSE has decreased, but the transaction amount has increased.

Among the 13 sub-groups of NEPSE, share prices of microfinance companies fell at a high rate on Thursday. The microfinance sub-group index decreased by 9.54 percent. The hotel and tourism sub-group index decreased by more than 3 percent.