•      Wed Dec 7 2022

NepYork launched in NYC as a showcase of Nepali speaking community in the USA

Former Prime Minister of Nepal Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has launched New York-based community media NepYork.com, a showcase of Nepalis in the USA. (Photo: NepYork)

‘NepYork is a window for non-Nepalese who do not understand the Nepali language to see the Nepali community in the United States. This media will serve as a showcase of the Nepali community in the United States,’ said Kishor Panthi, editor in chief of NepYork, newly launched English-language media for and by Nepali New Yorkers.

The former prime minister of Nepal, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, launched this media in the presence of another former prime minister of Nepal and former Chief Justice of Nepal Khilraj Regmi. Dr. Bhattarai stated at the launch ceremony of NepYork Media, “It is a great thing that people from all over the world can read the stories of Nepalis living in the United States in English. Happily, the Nepali team has run it itself.”

NepYork.com is a nonprofit outlet published by Namaste Foundation Inc, New York. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the USA, and the media channels its residents utilize reflect that diversity. Community and ethnic media organizations are a vital part of the fabric of the city, and they provide an important way for the town to communicate vital services, including immigrants or those with limited English proficiency.

Communities of color and immigrants often rely on their own news outlets as the only trusted sources of information. Yet these news outlets remain largely invisible to mainstream media, public officials, the nonprofit sector, advertisers, and philanthropic organizations. Local and community news matters more than ever. Namaste Foundation Inc is committed to ensuring the future of community news by discovering, researching, testing and delivering new business models.

The Nepali community is an Ethnic minority and socially/economically disadvantaged population in the USA. More than half a million Nepali-speaking people live in the USA. Though most of them are of Nepali origin, the Tibetan and Bhutanese populations are also well versed in the Nepali language. ‘Nepyork’ is a showcase of them.

Editor in Chief Kishor Panthi stated, “Most of the Nepali-speaking people live in Queens, New York, and since we mainly cover issues facing our community, our news stories are centered in Queens, but we also publish stories based on other parts of the USA pertaining to our community.”

Journalist Kishor Panthi operated this media as an editor-in-chief. He writes about social issues, immigration, and politics. As the first accredited Nepali journalist by the U.S. Department of State, he also received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, signed by U.S. President Joe Biden. Further, in recognition of the service of humanity through journalism, CICA International University bestowed him with an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. Panthi has authored various articles in many other outlets, including Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and City Limits. He served as a news anchor and news editor on Sagarmatha Television and ABC Television.