•      Tue Feb 27 2024

New Road businesses close shutters in protest of parking removal

Kathmandu, Jan 23: The businessmen of New Road area have closed their shutters after  Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) removed the parking facilities in New Road area effective from today.

The businessmen have complained that the KMC has put them in trouble by deciding to remove the parking in an unscientific manner. The Municipal Corporation has prohibited parking on the black-paved roads of the New Road area from today.

“No parking” signs are placed in places where parking is prohibited. Today morning, the motorcycles parked in the road section in front of Bir Hospital were also picked up using city police vehicles.

Senior Superintendent of Police Rajunath Pandey, the head of the Metropolitan Police Force, informed that free parking facilities have been provided at Kathmandu Tower (old bus park) to the vehicle owners who have to go to the New Road. Three hundred 4-wheeler vehicles and seven hundred 2-wheeler vehicles can be parked in these place.

Special cleaning was carried out in the parking prohibited area from early this morning. The cleanup was done by mobilizing tools, equipment and manpower from the Metropolitan Police Force and Environment Management Department.

Earlier, there used to be vehicle parking on the road section from Dharmapath, Juddha Shalik towards Indrachok, Khichapokhari, Pyukha, Mahavauddha, and the black road around Bir Hospital.

While improving the traditional practice of parking on the road, the KMC has prohibited parking in many places such as Bagbazaar, Putali Sadak, Durbarmarg, Jhonche. #Nepal