•      Fri Jun 14 2024

Nitya Ranjana Script wins ‘Yellow Pencil Award’  

Kathmandu, May 26: Nitya Ranjana (Ranjana Unicode) script has won this year’s ‘D&AD Yellow Pencil Award’.  This is the first award for the entire Nepal.  The award was presented during the 62nd D&AD Award Ceremony held in London last Thursday.

Wood Pencil Awards, Graphite Pencil Awards, Black Pencil Awards, and White Pencil Awards among others were presented on the occasion.

According to Toshi Omagari who attended the award ceremony the award for Nitya Ranjana was decided through a voting by over 600 people.

The D&AD Yellow Pencil is considered iconic and it is awarded to an outstanding work that achieves true creative excellence.

According to Callijatra Foundation Chair Anand Kumar Maharjan, the Nitya Ranjana script was developed through the collaborative efforts of Tathagat Biswas, Saranga Kulkarni, and Nupur Datye, with support from the Kathmandu Metropolis. The digitalization of this script was facilitated through collaboration with a font design company in India.

The Ranjana script is considered one of the traditional scripts of Nepal. The Foundation and its members are committed to promoting, and making it a digital-friendly, it is said.