•      Thu Jun 20 2024

Oli calls for ending parliament obstruction

KP Sharma Oli

Birgunj, May 18: CPN UML Chair and former Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli, has insisted on the need to end the parliament impasse to meet the constitutional deadline of budget presentation by Jestha 15 (May 28).

In his address to the party programme in Parsa on Friday, the leader said the parliament has a short time to complete the process before the budget announcement and in this situation, parliament obstructions is uncalled for.

He accused the major opposition Nepali Congress (NC) of spreading rumors that he was at work to dissolve the parliament.  Such claims are fake, he argued.

It may be noted that the major opposition continues to obstruct the parliament proceedings for days demanding the formation of a parliamentary committee to probe into the alleged role of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affaris, Rabi Lamichhane, in the embezzlement of cooperative funds.

At the progrmame, Oli stressed that the accused one in the funds’ misappropriation should be allowed to put his views before the House.