•      Fri Jun 14 2024

Om Murti Foundation launches free cardiac camp

Kathmandu, Nov 17: Dr Om Foundation launched a free cardiac camp at Balawa municipality-10 in Mahottari district.

The free cardiac camp was launched in order to formally inaugurate the Foundation established by reknowned cardiologist Dr Om Murti Anil.

The Foundation is set up with an objective of working in the sector of health, education and social transformation.

Chief Minister of Madhes Province, Saroj Kumar Yadav, inaugurated the camp where 428 people underwent cardiac related tests— ECG, Echo, blood sugar and lipid test – as well as more than 400 patients were provided with medicines.

A team of specialist doctors under leadership of founding chairperson of the Foundation, Dr Anil and comprising Dr Abhishek Kumar Yadav, Dr Puja Singh, Dr Om Murti Nikhil, Gaurav Singh, Parbati Bhagat, Satyam Kumar Gupta, Rajan Kumar Gupta examined the health of the patients for three days.

On the occasion, Balawa municipality had felicitated Dr Anil for spreading awareness through his profession about adoption of healthy life style among the people.

His awareness campaign has also set a “Guinness World Record’.

Dr Anil shared that he would carry out constructive works for the people of different rural and remote areas of the country in coming days and would spend amount collected from the sale of his book ‘Jeevanta Sambandha’ for the elderly persons through Foundation.

Free telemedicine service is being provided from Basundhara-based central office through Foundation.

Around 300 people who are in overseas employment and those who have no access to health institution have so far received free telemedicine service.