•      Fri Jun 14 2024

Osho Mahotsav to be organised on occasion of New Year’s Day tomorrow

Kathmandu, April 13: Osho Mahotsav, an event featuring meditation and yoga sessions, is to be organised at Tundikhel in the federal capital tomorrow on the occasion of the Nepali New Year 2080 BS. The festival will commence from 9 am and conclude at 9 pm. It is open to all.

The other highlights of the event include music and dance performances by distinguished national artistes, short skits by humour and satire artistes and a play.

Patanjali will be coordinating the yoga session. The Mahotsav also will feature a food festival and a book exhibition.

Bhawan Bhatta, the Mahotsav chief convenor said the Mahotsav is continuation of the tradition of organising the event on the New Year’s Day as wished by Swami Ananda Arun. The main goal of the Mahotsav, Bhatta said, is to instill spiritual values among the public by means of yoga and meditation to contribute to the building a healthy and prosperous nation.

According to him, around 50,000 people will participate in the Mahotsav this time.

Bhatta, the former President of Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), informed that Baisakh 1 in the Nepali calendar has been proposed to be celebrated as the World Meditation Day and the United Nations agency has also been approached for this purpose.

“If Baisakh 1 could be declared as the World Meditation Day, it would highlight our country’s unique identity as the ancient land where the gods and saints practiced meditation and where spiritualism flourished. It will also establish Nepal’s identity as the birthplace of the Buddha,” Bhatta shared about the event.RSS