•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Overseas rights of ‘Karsang’ sold to Seven Seas Entertainment

Kathmandu, July 28: The international release of ‘Karsang’ film, which is going to be produced under the banner of Yarsa Films, will be done by Seven Seas Entertainment Company. An official agreement has been reached between the production side and the Seven Seas Company.

A meeting between Yam Sherpa on behalf of the film ‘Karsang’ and Binod Paudel, Patrick (Pratik) Subedi and Ramesh Dhakal on behalf of Seven Seas have agreed to sold the overseas rights of the film before the shooting.

In this film directed by Yam Sherpa, Dayahang Rai and Buddhi Tamang have been finalized as the main actors, while Chhiring Sherpa has been signed as the new actress. This is a debut film for director Sherpa. Earlier he has directed many short films. Sherpa have taken responsibility of writing story, screenplay and dialogue.

Director Sherpa said that other actors and technicians of the film, which is being made on the social narrative of the Sherpa tribe, will be finalized soon. It is said that the remaining actors of the film will be selected through auditions.

He is also involved as a producer in the film directed by Purushottam Pradhan. According to the production side, the shooting of the film will be done in Bahrabise Municipality and Bhotekosi Rural Municipality.

RR Films (Rohit-Ratna) has taken the responsibility of distribution of this film, which will be shot around Tihar. Director Sherpa says that once the overseas rights are sold, the film will be shown simultaneously in Nepal and abroad.