•      Sun May 19 2024

Patan High Court orders to release former minister Khand on bail

Bal Krishna Khand

Kathmandu, Dec 14: The Patan High Court has ordered the release of Nepali Congress leader and former Home Affairs Minister Bal Krishna Khand, who was in custody pending trial in the fake Bhutanese refugee case, on a bond of Rs 30 lakh.

Justice Krishna Ram Koirala’s bench today ordered Khand to be released from prison on a bond of Rs 30 lakh. In the order, it is said, “According to Sections 68 and 72 of the Civil Code of Criminal Procedure 2047, Bal Krishna Khan was remanded in custody by the Kathmandu District Court in 2080-8-1 as it was found to be void.”

Earlier, the joint bench of Justices Prakash Kharel and Janak Pandey gave a mixed opinion on this dispute on Mangsir 15, 2080 BS. In the order, it was asked to be submitted to the third judge in the case. Accordingly, the decision was made by the court after the hearing today.

The court upheld the order of the Kathmandu District Court to send nine defendants to prison in the case of the dispute, while in the case of the six defendants, it canceled the order of the Kathmandu District Court to keep them in prison and ordered them to demand bail.