•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Peace process to be concluded on consensus: Sapkota

Maoist leader Agni Sapkota

Kathmandu, Sept 16: CPN (Maoist Centre) Vice Chair and Spokesperson Agni Prasad Sapkota has asserted that the works related to the peace process would be concluded, forging common understanding among the major political parties.

Addressing a press conference organized at the party central office in local Perisdanda today, he said although it was saddening that remaining works of the peace process could not be concluded for long, they have to be taken to logical conclusion now.

Four general elections have been held after the start of the peace process, the Maoist Centre spokesperson said. According to him, although the peace process has been completed in a sense, some works remained to that end, which have to be concluded at the earliest.

Sapkota said the conclusion of the peace process remained to be declared. He shared on the occasion that the world would be informed in course of the visit of Prime Minister and party chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to the USA in connection with participating in the UN General Assembly that the peace process with Nepali characteristics is being moved ahead.

He added that the PM would inform the international community about the peace process with Nepali unique features and appeal for taking it to finalisation. Sapkota said the PM would also call attention of the global community through the UNGA regarding the global impact of climate change and the problems Nepal is facing due to this.

Similarly, PM Dahal is scheduled to make a special address in the capacity of the Chair of the least developed countries (LDCs), Sapkota said.

He informed the media that Prime Minister and party chairman Prachanda will directly go on an official visit to China from New York after attending the UNGA and urged to take this as obvious due to the time constraint.

Party spokesperson Sapkota made it clear that the Prime Minister has made the necessary preparations for pursuing the expansion of bilateral relations and seeking China’s support for Nepal’s development and construction during his China visit.

He argued that the nationwide transformation campaign that the party has brought has created a new enthusiasm. According to him, development construction works have been moved ahead in course of the campaign focused on expanding relations with the people.

The Maoist Centre spokesman said the campaign conducted by the party is moving ahead on a positive direction and garnering the huge support from the public.