•      Thu Jun 13 2024

Penduwa Chaudhary murders wife Laxmi in Dang

Tulsipur, Jan 21: A man has been arrested on the charge of murdering his wife. Penduwa Chaudhary,43, of Tulsipur Sub-metropolis-4 killed his 42-year-old wife Laxmi Chaudhary by hitting her on the head with an iron rod.

According to Police Inspector Navaratna Malla of Tulsipur Area Police Office, Chaudhary died on the spot on Saturday when she was attacked by her husband under the influence of alcohol.

Two neighbours Meena Thapa and Sheela Chowdhury were also injured in incident, after Penduwa attacked them with the rod when they came to inquire about the incident. Both of them are undergoing treatment at Rapti Regional Hospital, Tulsipur. The condition of both is normal, said ward president of Tulsipur-4 Tulsi Thapa.

Meanwhile, a woman from ward no. 13 of the same sub-metropolis has died after falling off a tree. Sheetali Kusari,65, died after falling from a tree in the forest near her house on Saturday evening, according to her elder daughter-in-law Pabitra Kusari.

Shitali had gone to the forest to collect green fodder for her cattle around 7 pm but did not return home till late. The family member and neighbors who went to search for her in the forest found her injured after the fall.
After initial treatment at Tulsipur City Hospital, she died while preparations were being made to take her to Nepalgunj for further treatment.#Nepal