•      Mon Apr 22 2024

People rejoice Holi in Basantapur (photo feature)

Kathmandu, March 24: People have thronged in Basatapur, the heart of Kathmandu to celebrate Holi or Fagu. Thousands of youths have been taking part the festival and exchanging different types of  colours. Even, the music and dance have added the  atmosphere more entertaining and lively. Foreign tourists who have come to visit Nepal have also rejoiced in the happiness of Fagu.

Today, Fagu is celebrated with joy in the Himalayan and hilly districts, while Fagu is celebrated in Terai tomorrow. Holi Festival, which brings a message of mutual harmony and goodwill with the arrival of spring, today is an ancient tradition of celebrating different colors.

It is a tradition to celebrate this festival as a symbol of the victory of truth over falsehood. Nepal Police has also requested to play Holi with restraint.

Photos: Pradeep Raj Onta