•      Fri Jun 14 2024

PM Dahal appeals to all to leverage youths’ creativity and capacity for greater good of country

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has appealed to all to leverage youths’ creativity and capacity in favour of the country.

In the closing session of a week-long event organized by the Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Chitwan district on the occasion of the International Youth Day today, PM Dahal urged millions of youths at home and abroad to join hands in the development endeavours within the country. Dahal expressed his confidence that the development works would be accelerated in the country.

The PM asserted, “The corruption and anomalies must be ended at any cost in Nepal. Good-governance should be ensured. The downtrodden communities must be uplifted.”

According to him, his attention was drawn towards optimization of youth’s creativity and talent for the economic development and prosperity of the country and he was working in the ways of securing the welfare of the Nepali migrants abroad.

Informing about the contribution-based social security programme he had announced for the youths, he shared that over 300,000 youths working offshore had been brought under the ambit of the programme so far. According to him, there was a challenge for the government to create an enabling environment for safe and dignified employment opportunities for Nepali youths aspiring to go for foreign employment.

“Until a favourable environment for employment for youths is enabled within the country, we cannot prevent the outflow of youths seeing greener pasture,” he said, adding that his attention, as the Head of the Government, was laid on delivering on the mega development projects in the country.
Mentioning that serious discussion was held with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his India visit, the Prime Minister shared some understanding was reached on the utilization and cooperation of all technologies for organic farming or increasing production. He said, “I am sending a Nepali team to India for collaboration to increase agro production. An agreement has also been made regarding the establishment of a fertilizer company in Nepal.”

PM Dahal further stated that an understanding regarding hydropower has been reached with Indian and Bangladesh, stating that the government will make its announcement by organising a special programme in Kathmandu soon.He expressed that discussion was held with Prime Minister of Bangladesh in Rome during his visit to Italy regarding possibilities of investment in Nepal’s hydropower and agriculture sector.

Dahal viewed, “An agreement has been reached to trade electricity in Bangladesh via India for the first time in Nepal’s history.”

Sharing that he was embarking on a visit to China soon, PM Dahal said the Chinese government is in a mentality to support in big projects relating to agriculture and animal husbandry in Nepal.

There is a possibility of some new agreement and understanding in the sector of physical infrastructures and electricity with China, added PM Dahal, stating that there would be an understanding regarding constructing cross-border transmission line with China from Rasuwa check point.

He further shared that he was going to participate in the United Nations General Assembly soon, stating “Our attention will be focused for agriculture, industry, tourism business of the country even during that time.”

PM Dahal argued that once a mega project of 10,000 megawatt electricity is materialized, it helps in ensuring economic revolution in the country.
He reiterated that good governance, social justice and prosperity are major guiding themes for the government to forward activities to this ends.

According to the PM, performance contract with all ministers were done, and work process is shared every month. “These initiatives will result in success. Gradually, an atmosphere conducive for youths will be built within country.” he reminded.

On the occasion, Mayor at Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Renu Dahal, sought all sides cooperation to create jobs for youths within country. RSS