•      Fri Jun 21 2024

PM Office undergoes restructuring, more IT-friendly

Kathmandu, Jan 5: The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has been restructured.

The OPMCM underwent major restructuring as announced by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ in his address to the nation on December 26.

The restructuring is in line with the announcement to make structural change in the OPMCM. As per the revised structure proposal recently approved by the Cabinet, a total of 68 positions including three secretaries and seven joint-secretaries within the OPMCM have been removed.

Similarly, some branches and divisions of OPMCM have been merged while a separate division related to information technology has been established.

The separate IT-related division was formed to further support the information technology developed in the country.

PM Dahal’s press advisor Govinda Acharya shared that the OPMCM and PM’s Secretariat have been restructured by cutting various quotas as per PM Dahal’s plan to make OPMCM efficient and functional.

Meanwhile, PM’s advisor Acharya has said relieving Ganga Dahal, the PM’s daughter, who is serving as private secretary to the Prime Minister of the post will be non-cooperation to the Prime Minister and make him unsuccessful.

Ganga, the central member of the CPN (Maoist Center), has been working as the Prime Minister’s private secretary since the beginning of his term.

The matter is not raised within the party and the government, and voices from outside to remove her from the Prime Minister’s private secretariat keep no meaning, he said.

“Ganga has been a great support to the Prime Minister during his hard times, both as the government head and the party chair, be it during the tragic losses of his son and spouse or throughout his tenure as the Prime Minister. It will be non-cooperation with the Prime Minister to remove her from the post,” he added. #Nepal