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Policies and programmes encourage tourism entrepreneurs

Tourists enjoying at Sauraha, Chitwan, October 28, 2023.

Kathmandu, May 15: The government presented the policies and programmes which have aimed at promoting tourism by reviving marketing of tourism programmes and prioritizing necessary infrastructures.

The government has planned to develop tourism destinations and increase inflow of foreign tourists.

Concluding that the traditional approach of tourism promotion needs revisiting, the government is focused on adopting innovative ways for it.

In the policies and programmes President Ram Chandra Paudel presented in the joint sitting of the federal parliament on Tuesday, the government announced to identify, develop and promote the tourist destinations making profiles. This scheme has encouraged the tourism entrepreneurs.

Hotel Association Nepal’s President Binayak Shah said, “Government’s policy to remarketing of tourism programmes is laudable.” He argued that policies and programmes that warrant new approach are appreciative. “As we have very old tourism laws, we must take measures to fit timely needs,” he added.

According to him, restructuring of tourism programmes helps boost this sector. The concept of religious circuit and ‘takura tourism’ are innovative ones in the policies. There were indeed essential.

Now, time has come to see how the government implement these policies and schemes, Shah reminded.

After energy and agriculture, the tourism has been regarded as the base of national economy in the government announcement.

Director at Nepal Tourism Board, Maniraj Lamichhane also observed that development of tourism infrastructures is appreciative mention. “Whatever issues are incorporated in this time are positive initiative and those missing ones could be addressed through budget,” he added.

Easy access to tourism infrastructure is imperative, he stressed.

Similarly, tourism entrepreneur Rajendra Prasad Sapkota also said the government policies and programmes are welcome initiatives, which, however, need proper enforcement. “Arrival of tourists has upped, so the policy to promote tourism destination is spread optimism in this sector,” he viewed. #RSS