•      Wed Sep 27 2023

Policy Failure of the US to Address the Covid-19 Issue and Its Overall Undesirable Effect

Though American leadership is claiming on that it has done a lot to contain coronavirus and the situation is totally normalized on socioeconomic front, the rest of the world is not satisfied from American assertion. The world has seen that the US administration is immature, inexperienced, and strong enough to address the pandemic situation. Covid-19 took millions of lives and damaged billions dollars on the economic front in the US. Experts suggest to the US administration that without claiming the virus is over, it should do more on the medical and technical front to contain the virus for the future pandemic.

It is confusing since, despite US President Joe Biden’s recent declaration that the “pandemic is gone,” Europe has long been a leader in coping with COVID in the quest to strengthen resilience. They now appear to be lost with their COVID policies. Their actions and speech in reality contradict each other. They alternate between wanting to lie flat and wanting to exert effort. The world is currently dealing with strong contradictions. The pandemic, however, is one of humanity’s greatest threats and public adversaries. All nations should adhere to two principles since the public health crisis is far from over: first, they should follow the global crisis management guidelines; and second, they should put aside their national interests.

Western nations should understand that politicizing the COVID situation will not benefit the world or even them. The recession in their countries is about to start, economists are saying. And their disorganized management of COVID is the sole cause of this.

Medical observers believe that the COVID-19 issue in the US has become a political tool for partisan politics instead of a public health issue affecting people’s lives, which highlighted that the Biden administration’s decision-making is extremely irresponsible as his declaration of the end of the pandemic faces waves of criticism.

Experts expressed concern that Biden’s comments could result in further loosening COVID-19 rules in the US, putting more people in danger of a fresh wave resurging in the fall and winter. According to them, the US’s inability to respond to COVID-19 and monkeypox revealed a complete breakdown of both its political and public health systems.
According to leading US infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, only 67 percent of the country’s population is currently immunized against the coronavirus, and only half of those have received a single booster shot, as reported by the Hill.

According to experts, Biden’s recent comments may make it more difficult for the administration to obtain further COVID-19 money from Congress at a time when US health spending is insufficient to address subsequent concerns, such as testing for novel variations and booster vaccinations.
During the past half year, the US has been renouncing its responsibility, with almost no single US official attempting to rethink the US’ epidemic situation or none resigning over their failure to combat the epidemic.

The White House asked for $22.5 billion for more COVID-19 help, according to CNN, but several Republicans claimed last Monday that Biden’s comments “principally sealed the door on the small possibilities of more money getting authorized.”

According to Martin Jacques, a former senior fellow at Cambridge University, geopolitics has taken the place of science, and COVID-19 is currently mired in a sort of “Cold War” rhetoric, “Cold War” language, and “Cold War” assault by the US. This is only going to continue, Jacques said at the recent discussion forum via video link.

Researchers from many think tanks urged the US to permit a WHO-organized international team of specialists to visit and investigate pertinent US biological laboratories in order to advance scientific tracing efforts and allay concerns from abroad about the US’s lack of openness.

According to NBC News’ count, the death toll in the US from COVID-19 has topped 1 million. The number is the largest ever recorded for a single nation, according to experts, and such a high price in human life illustrates both the US government’s incompetence and the inadequacy of its response to the pandemic.

Due to the politics about the disease, inconsistent policies, and social breakdown, the US has become the “largest failed country” in the world in terms of COVID response, according to specialists.

According to many medical experts, unfortunately, the US made a bad choice. The response to the pandemic is a matter of political capability, the determination of the top leadership, and the ability of a country’s political system to adjust to this determination.

In order to isolate infected individuals, timely and broad testing is essential. However, before at-home COVID tests were made available, there were a number of issues, including faulty test kits, delayed test results, lab bottlenecks, and long queues at testing locations.

Some economic activities have been able to continue thanks to US COVID policies, but overall the economy has been severely disrupted. As businesses are starting to reopen, there are many challenges to overcome, including getting people back to jobs they no longer find fulfilling and managing supply-chain issues. Thus, keeping things open has had a highly uneven overall impact. While corporate profits are at record highs, the situation for working people is getting worse. Student loan debt is a significant financial burden for young people. The COVID-19 effects are widespread throughout the world.

The US government has spread false information to deceive the public rather than concentrating on epidemic prevention and control. Former US President Donald Trump has informed the people that since the pandemic began, “It is going to vanish. It will miraculously vanish one day.”

Observers remarked that domestic politicians are pushing for policies that go against the recommendations of public health experts, politicizing scientific concerns, and escalating social tensions in an effort to minimize the damage caused by the pandemic. Politicians are also attempting to deflect responsibility and demonize other nations.

The American federal structure, which results in drastically different COVID-19 regulations from state to state, is undoubtedly a component of the greater issue. Under Donald Trump and Joe Biden in particular, there has been very little national coordination or effective leadership. Not only have a million people died in the US, but the nation is also unable to reflect on its own behavior.

Without blaming to other nations for coronavirus eruption, the US administration should concentrate its efforts on a pragmatic strategy to keep its own people safe from the future pandemic, and to keep the situation in a completely normal at present situation.