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President, Vice President, Prime Minister greet on Lhosar festival

Sonam Lhosar celebration in Kathmandu. (file photo)

Kathmandu, Feb 10: President Ram Chandra Paudel has extended his best wishes to all brothers and sisters at home and abroad for their happiness, peace and prosperity on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar festival of Tamang community.

In a message today, President Paudel expressed his confidence that the festivals like Sonam Lhosar would help enhance good will, tolerance and fraternity among all the people in the Nepali society enriched with diversities in terms of castes, languages and cultures, thereby further consolidating the broader national unity.

The Sonam Lhosar is celebrated as the New Year of Tamang community. The community people offer prayers to their ancestors, nature and impart the message of Buddha as well as exchange mutual happiness among their kiths and kin.

Govt effortful to realize national ambition of prosperity: PM Dahal

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said government was actively working to realize the national ambition of prosperity.

Giving a message of best wishes on the occasion of the Sonam Lhosar today, PM Dahal reiterated that government was effortful to address present challenges and ensure good governance and social justice.

He reminded that the constitution has institutionalized national unity and identity based on diversity. The diversity in terms of language, ethnicity, cultures, religions and geography are solid backbone of unity and nationality, PM Dahal stressed.

PM Dahal wished the Lhosar, the festival of the community based on labour culture and worshiping to nature, fostered mutual harmony and tolerance. The festival would inspire all to work together and cooperate with the government to achieve the goals of social justice, good governance, sustainable development and prosperity, he believed.

The religious and cultural faiths of diverse communities are respected in the country where language, art, culture, scripts, costumes are protected well.

Vice President Yadav’s message on Sonam Lhosar

Likewise, Vice-President Ramsahay Prasad Yadav has said the Sonam Lhosar will help further strengthen national spirit of the Nepali people with social unity.

In a message given on the occasion of the Sonam Lhosar today, Vice-President shared that the new constitution and republic has connected all areas, geography, religion, community and culture.

Extending best wishes for happiness, peace, prosperity and good health among all Nepalis in the country and abroad on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar, he expressed the belief that such festivals helps to protect and promote Nepal’s original culture and cultural heritages.

He further wished prosperity, national unity, integrity, sovereignty and nationality along with mutual trust and social harmony.

Sonam Lhosar being observed today

The Tamang community is celebrating Sonam Lhosar, meaning New Year, by organizing various programs today.

According to the Manjushree calendar, the 2860th year starts from today. From today, the tiger year enters after completing the cow year. Sonam Lhosar festival is celebrated every year on the occasion of Magh Shukla Pratipada with various programs.

Sonam Lhosar is divided into 12 categories: rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon (cloud), snake, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog and pig.

The festival is specially celebrated in different districts of Bagmati region where Tamang caste is predominant. The government has given a public holiday across the country on the occasion of the festival being celebrated on Saturday this year. #Nepal