•      Fri Jun 21 2024

Printing Industry Union Kaski offers free insurance for workers

Pokhara, May 24: The Printing Industry Association (PIA) Kaski has offered free insurance to the workers involved in the printing business.

Speaking at the program, PIA Central President Bishnu Prasad Tiwari said that even though the state did not set any price or rate in the printing industry, the business has been suffering a lot in many fronts. “We set the price of our products ourselves, the state has not imposed any restrictions, but the business has not been successful and we are unhappy. Because we have not been able to charge a reasonable price. To make our business successful, we should focus on quality work, not competition on price, and let’s expand the cordiality between us.”

President Tiwari alleged that Janak Shiksha Samagri Kendra has not been able to do significant work despite receiving billions of rupees as grant.

Similarly, the head of Liberty Micro Life Insurance Gandaki and Lumbini states Shiv Paudyal and President of Printing Industry Association Kaski Chintamani Bastola signed the insurance contract.

Chief Shiv Paudyal informed that the annual cost of accident treatment is Rs 20,000, in case of death, Rs 1,000,000 and in case of death due to an accident, an additional Rs 50,000 and in case of disability (completely disabled) Rs 50,000 can be taken.

He informed that insurance is not an expense but an investment. He mentioned that insurance is one of the most essential things of a human being, stating that insurance is the means of making life easier, helping in happiness and sorrow.

Chintamani Bastola, President of the Printing Industry Association Kaski informed that there are more than 100 printing house businessmen in Pokhara and there are around 800 workers and informed that insurance has been taken to reduce the risk. He said that currently 115 people have been insured and soon all workers will be insured free of charge.

According to President Bastola, the life insurance was done in such a way that 50 percent of the cost of the insurance is borne by the business establishment and 50 percent by the Printing Industry Association Kaski.