•      Wed Apr 24 2024

Property worth Rs 180 million damaged due to breach of Kamala River embankment

Dhanusha, Sept 24: The breach of the Kamala River embankment and canal system in Dhanusha district in the second week of July this year destroyed the property worth Rs 180 million.

Of the 68.25 km long embankment constructed with the financial support of Indian government in 2008/09 fiscal year to control the Kamala River in both sides, 750 metre of embankment stretching from Bandipur of Siraha district to Indian border was damaged with the swollen Kamala River.

According to the Dhan Kamala River Control Project, Dhanusha Project Chief Manohar Shah, due to the damages in embankment and canal system of the Kamala River, the local people and their livestock had to brave the inundation.

Shah said that the issue was brought to the concerned agencies including the ministries for timely repair of the damaged embankment but to no avail.

He explained that if the embankment was not repaired on time, local farmers could face irrigation problem.

Around 25,000 bigha of land in Dhanusha and Siraha districts had been receiving irrigation with the embankment on the Kamala River.