•      Sun Mar 3 2024

Rajendra Sharma demands for re-election in NRNA

Kathmandu, Nov 28: The NRNA’s Rajendra Kumar Sharma group has demanded reelection of its leadership alleging systematic rigging in the last month’s election.

Organizing a press conference here today, members of the RK group blamed that the election was rigged systematically right from the selection of candidates to publication of results.

It may be noted that Dr Badri KC was elected President of the Non-Resident Nepal Association (NRNA) in the election held in Kathmandu last month in a dual-mode voting system, both online and in-person voting.

However, the election’s results were mired in controversy stating that it was tampered with the electoral system.

President hopeful RK Sharma, in today’s press conference, lamented that although their group had appraised the concerned public authority about the disputes rising following the NRNA leadership election, their complaints went unheeded.

He reaffirmed his commitment that he was ready to make any sacrifice for unity, credibility and strengthening of the organisation.

Similarly, Group’s Buddi Sagar Subedi pressed for reelection to make NRNA, the umbrella organization of the non-resident Nepalis across the globe, more credible and stronger.

He extended gratitude towards the government of Nepal for the putting place the provision of NRN citizenship and drew the attention of the government to provide citizenship to the first generation of the non-resident Nepalis on the basis of descent.

A new citizenship regulation approved in this year’s September has opened the door for the non-resident Nepalis to obtain Nepali citizenship.

On the occasion, the Group shared that they provided utmost support to the quake survivors in Jajarkot district and pledged to establish Emergency Relief and Rescue Fund with Rs 100 million within two years.