•      Mon May 20 2024

Restriction on prominent public spaces like Maitighar to Baneshwor lifted

Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Home Affairs

Kathmandu, April 12: The District Administration Office, Kathmandu has lifted the restriction it had imposed on the prominent public places- from Maitighar to New Baneshwor. It is to be come into effective from New Year next day.

DAO Kathmandu issued a notice to inform the public about its decision in this regard. The area was declared a prohibitory zone on February 16. The notice states the prohibitory order enforced in the area stretching from Maitighar Mandal to Baneshwor (up to Krishna Tower) will remain no more in effect from April 13.

Before this, gatherings, rallies, demonstrations, sit-in protests and strikes were prohibited in various locations of the Kathmandu Valley for two months.

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry has said it has adopted a tough policy against vandals of public property and assaults targeting security people. Issuing a press note on Friday, the Ministry said that a stern policy was taken to respond to any unwanted activities aiming to damage public property and assault the security during the protest to be held for any agenda or over any demand.

The Ministry, however, said it respects citizens’ right to the freedom of opinion and expression and is committed to ensuring their right to demonstrate peacefully in accordance with Nepal’s constitution and the existing laws. The number of prohibitory zones is being reduced accordingly, the Ministry reminded.

“Right to protest peacefully is a beauty of democracy, but the vandalism of public property and attacks on security people are unacceptable,” it has warned.It further shared details of public damages caused during the recent protests are being collected and the replacement of losses will be made from those found responsible.