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River guides call for increase in wages

Rafting in Bagmati river on August 26, 2023. (photo: RSS)

Chitwan, Jan 3: River guides have demanded an increase in wages, stating that their daily wage should be at least 3000.

The 15th annual general meeting of the Himalayan Riverguide Association of Nepal (HIRGAN) held at Fishling of Ichchakamana-3 in Chitwan decided that the minimum daily wage of a river guide should be Rs 3,000.

The river guides are currently getting a daily wage of Rs 2,500 and the AGM has decided to demand that the daily wages of river guides be Rs 4,000 if they have to travel for several days, said the vice president of HIRGAN, Dol Bahadur Gurung.

Milan Gurung of Chitwan, who has been working as a river guide for a long time, said that since they have to work from morning till late at night an increase in the wages is being demanded.

Furthermore, it is difficult to make a daily living because of the income only in during the season for water-based tourism activities.

Meanwhile, the River guides have also demanded to stop the construction of Trishuli Hydro Power Project under-construction in Trishuli River.

The project will affect the employment of more than 150 river guides.

The HIRGAN believes that the beauty of the Trishuli river, which is considered the best in the world for water voyage, will deteriorate and the livelihood of the water travel operators and the workers dependent on it will be taken away.

The Association plans to organize various programs to put forth its demands, including drawing attention of the relevant agencies.

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