•      Sat Jul 13 2024

RSP suspends General Secretary Dhakal

Kabindra Burlakoti (left) and Manish Jha.

Kathmandu, July 4: The newly emerged Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has suspended General Secretary and Spokesperson Mukul Dhakal for seven days.

The meeting of the central committee of the party decided to suspend Dhakal for 7 days for violating the rules and discipline of the party.

The party has appointed Kabindra Burlakoti as the Acting General Secretary.

Similarly, Manish Jha has been assigned as the spokesperson of the party.

After emerging from a marathon meeting, RSP President Rabi Lamichhane briefed that the party decision was unanimous but hurting him personally. Most of the central committee members protested against the activities of Mukul Dhakal.

Mukul was adamant to livestream the party meeting, and present his fact finding report before the central committee meeting. However, nearly all central members of the  party disagreed with the idea of Mukul, instead they demanded to suspend him.

Senior Vice President Dol Prasad Aryal was more vocal on Mukul. He briefed to party meeting that he will not accept Mukul as General Secretary.

After the meeting, acting General Secretary Burlakoti said that it was unfortunate to set aside Mukul as General Secretary.

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