•      Tue Feb 27 2024

Runway of Meghauli Airport of Chitwan to be upgraded

Meghauli Airport of Chitwan. (file photo)

Bharatpur, Feb 7: The work of upgrading the runway of Meghauli Airport in west Chitwan has started.  The new runway will be 700 meters long and 20 meters wide. The grass field runway will be upgraded to high-level gravel one, said Chief of Meghauli Airport project Chandramani Sapkota.

The upgrading work of the runway is expected to cost of around 12 million rupees. The Nepali Army has been using the strip for training of parajumping. Likewise, hotels in Meghauli charter aircrafts and helicopters to bring in their guests.

The airport remains closed for regular since 2067 BS after the government adopted a policy not to operate hotels inside Chitwan National Park. The Meghauli airport spread over 23 bigaha of land is 24 km south from Bharatpur. #Nepal