•      Tue Dec 6 2022

Security is strong, vote with confidence: Home Minister Khand

Kathmandu: Home Minister Balkrishna Khand has requested eligible voters to cast their vote confidently as the peace and security situation in the country is strong.

Responding the quary on election-related security, he said, “All the security preparations have been completed, we have made various action plans and tightened the election security system. Let all the citizens of the country go to their polling stations and vote with confidence.”

Referring to the peaceful and fair elections of the local bodies, he said, “Earlier, the local level elections were conducted in different stages, but this year we conducted them in a very friendly and fair manner on the same day. This has also boosted our self-confidence, and even now we have made the security system much more stronger.”

He informed that there is tight coordination between the four electoral bodies of the country and security measures have been adopted in the Himalayas and Terai considering the sensitivities of constituencies and districts.

Home Minister Khand said that the current government has taken into consideration the fact that it is the duty of the state to protect the voters, candidates, employees, all the people working in the election, and the ballot boxes and all other situations after voting.

He clarified that there will not be any kind of hindrance and urged all Nepalese citizens to actively participate in the election and vote confidently. In a question, he also claimed that Nepali Congress will become the biggest party after the upcoming elections.

He claimed, “Nepali Congress becomes the largest party and the ruling five-party alliance led by the Congress gets an easy majority to form the government.” He also said that because of the reality of the past that the Nepali Congress has provided leadership when the country faced crisis from time to time, the Congress has provided leadership for the protection of the constitution and democracy during the crisis of the Corona epidemic as well as the constitution and the dissolution of the parliament by interfering with the constitution, he said that Nepali people will make the Congress the first party this time as well.

In another question, he claimed that the ruling coalition will get a clear majority in the upcoming elections and this coalition will form the government. On the question of who will be the Prime Minister after the election, he said that it has not been decided yet and it will be decided after the election.

He said, “We have gone to the election together as a coalition, our candidates are common and we are all working together to win those candidates, so the matter of who will be the prime minister tomorrow after the election will also be based on the common decision of the coalition.”

In response to the question whether there have been various discussions about who will become the prime minister within the Congress, he said, “This is after the election, the coalition will get an easy and clear majority to form the government, then the government will be formed according to the decision of the coalition.”

In another question, he said that the capital of Lumbini province should be in Butwal and that they will take initiatives for the same after the election. Earlier, when the country came to a standstill due to the crisis of the epidemic, the provincial capital was suddenly shifted to another place and there was no other place to make the provincial capital except Butwal.

Home Minister Khand said that he always understands the demands and needs of the local people and moves forward, and since he always prioritizes the development of Rupandehi, he is confident that the citizens here will win this time as well.

Khand, who is a candidate for member of the House of Representatives on behalf of Nepali Congress in Rupandehi 3, said that the citizens of this place have demanded the provincial capital as well as the availability of agricultural fertilizers, seeds, solutions to squatter problems, solutions to the problems of workers, compensation for the economic losses caused during the coronavirus, special development of Lumbini region for tourism and he is concerned with all the problems of the citizens. He said that he expressed his commitment to solve those problems in the future as he is familiar with them.