•      Sun May 19 2024

Sheer lack of coordination between govt and party: NCP CC plenum

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Sharad Sharma/RSS

Kathmandu:  The central committee members of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have accused the party leadership of violating party statute and fueling groupism.

Putting forth their views on the joint political report of chairmen, organizational report of general secretary and the statute amendment proposal in the ongoing central committee plenum of the party, the team leaders criticized both the government and party, saying there was dearth of coordination between these.

Separate group reports were presented in the Friday meeting on the political and organizational reports. Group 9 leader Bhagawati Chaudhary said her group suggested controlling corruption at local level. According to her, the party failed to make the publicity of good works.

Group 9 leader Rajendra Rai accused the party of protecting factionalism. The foundation and research institutes set up in memory of the late leaders of the party were serving group interest, so they must be closed.

Similarly, deputy leader of group 7 Niraj Acharya said they suggested the party to end parallel organizations and activities of the party at province and district levels.

Another leader from group 11 asserted the party did not work in line with its election manifesto.

Mixed view on MCC

The leaders put forth mixed views on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Group 7 remained silent on MCC, while group 9 suggested forwarding the MCC. Group 5 leader Thakur Gaire admitted that the group members had differing views on MCC. Some said MCC can not be endorsed at present state, while some urged for scrapping those provisions which risk Nepal’s sovereignty, he added.

Most of the group insisted that party was not inclusive. They pointed out the need of ensuring 33 percent of women in party secretariat and standing committee.

Leader of group 14 Surendra Bahadur Karki said a new dialogue had initiated in the party. It would help reach discussion and thoughts to the lower levels of the party.