•      Sun Jun 23 2024

Short of medicine mars service delivery

Tanahun: Shortage of medicine in the Tanahun district Ayurveda health centre has marred the patients.

Patients visiting the health facility are being compelled to return home empty-handed in lack of general medicines in the centre.

At a time when people’s attraction to Ayurveda treatment system has increased of late, the patients are getting disappointed for not getting other facilities except check-up in the centre, said office senior medical person and Information Officer Balbhadra Wagle.

The office has witnessed short of medicines even before the onset of fiscal year 2075/76 BS. He further shared, “Availability of medicine has not been made despite repeatedly informing the Gandaki state about the situation”. However, he has obtained assurance from Gandaki state government for the arrangement of medicines.

The service recipients, who have been receiving free health facilities, now are forced to purchase medicines outside following health check-up.

Office-in-charge Dr Ram Prabodh Mandal informed that the turn-out of patients has reduced to zero during the period of one-and-a-half month after his transfer here.

“Patients’ attraction has abruptly gone down in absence of the office-sponsored services and facilities”, he noted.