•      Mon May 27 2024

Sita-Ram colossus prepared with102 quintals of cereal

Janakpur, Dec 16: A colossus of Sita-Ram has been prepared with cereals on the eve of bibahapanchami at Rangabhumi ground. The giant statue covers 11,000 square fit area.

The bibahapanchami organizing team has invited several people after the colossus is prepared at Rangambhumi ground. Mayor at Janakpurdham sub metropolis, Manoj Kumar Sah, informed that the cereals used in the giant statue of Sita-Ram would be utilized.

He said as much as 102 quintals of food grains is used to create the statue, which has also raised concern. “Janakpurdham, a holy place, is a home to Goddess Sita. Various organizations and philanthropic peoples extended support for the creation of the colossus. Now, we are mulling how the food grains used in it could be utilized,” Saha shared.

Mayor Saha appealed to all to not concoct anything negative, but spread positive message to make it a success.

However, Chair at Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Janakpurdham, Jitendra Masaseth, viewed, “We are taking initiatives to enlist the colossus in World Heritage.”

The image would be in display for a week and has been provided security by the municipal police and the Nepal Police. According to him, fund was generated by opening a joint bank account for making the gigantic statue.

Mayor Sah extended special thanks to artisans Shatish Gujjar and Gungun Mishra who crafted the holy image.

Local traders and businesspersons have played significant role on materializing the creation of the Sita-Ram statue. Chairman Mahaseth informed that many people and devotees were invited to view the gigantic statue of Sita-Ram. Planning is afoot to save 80 percent of grains used in it.