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Six killed in jeep accident in Udayapur

Taksar (Bhojpur), March 14: Six people were killed and eight others were injured when a jeep they were travelling in met with an accident at Mainamaini of Udayapur today, the District Police Office, Bhojpur said. Fourteen people were on board the vehicle, it is stated.

The jeep (Ko 1 Ja 2593) was heading towards Dakshin Ghoretar of Bhojpur from Dharan at the time of the mishap.

Police have been dispatched to the accident site and details of the mishap are awaited. The victims’ identity except for the jeep driver Man Bahadur Basnet is not ascertained yet. Rescue work is ongoing at the site now and preparations are on for taking the injured people to Dharan for further medical attention, said Deputy Superintendent of Police Sudip Raj Pathak, the Chief of the District Police Office, Bhojpur.

Local eyewitnesses said the jeep fell some 800 metres down from the road. RSS #nepal

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