•      Sat Mar 2 2024

Special Court imposes Rs 20 million fines from seven people

Tek Bahadur Gurung

Kathmandu, March 9: The Special Court has decided to impose fines and imprisonment on seven people, including sitting Member of Parliament Tek Bahadur Gurung, after finding that they caused more than Rs. 20 million of damage and corruption for the Social Welfare Council.

The Special Court found that former Minister Badri Prasad Neupane, Pramod Mehta, Kunj Bihari Prasad Chowdhary, Hari Neupane, Mohanraj Sharma, Madan Kumar Lal Karn and Rabindra Kumar had caused a loss of Rs 207,134,830 to the Social Welfare Council.

Neupane, Mehta, Choudhary and Kumar will be punished according to section 24 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, and since Choudhary has died, it has been decided to charge him only fine, according to the Deputy Registrar of the Special Court, Narad Prasad Bhattarai.

According to the verdict, Badri Prasad Neupane will be imprisoned for 9 years, fined 24,368,000, fined 24,368,000 and will be imprisoned for another 6 months. Similarly, it has been mentioned that Mehta will be imprisoned for 8 years and fined of Rs 24,368,000.

Similarly, it has been decided that Chaudhary will be fined 24,368,000.

Another defendant, Rabindra Gurung, has been ordered to pay a fine of Rs.24,368,000. Likewise, Tek Bahadur Gurung will be fined Rs 12,184,000. Gurung has been recently elected for Member of Parliament from Manang district.