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State 2 mulling strategy to minimize rape cases

Birgunj, Sept 4, 2019: State 2 government has intensified the preparation to draft a security strategy in order to minimize serious crimes including rape. The State government decided for it after the rate of serious crimes including rape increased by 60 percent.

Although rape is mentioned as a heinous crime in the Criminal Code, it has not decreased in the recent time.

In the last fiscal year, the State recorded 299 cases of rape, according to the State 2 Police Office, Janakpur. It was only 170 in the previous fiscal year.

Those involved in rape is put behind bar from seven to 20 years. Similarly, once the husband conducts sexual relations with the spouse without her agreement, it is taken as the marital rape. He, if found guilty of marital rape, is put in prison for five years.

“It is worrying and challenging that heinous crimes as rape are growing in State 2,” observed Minister for Economic Affairs and Law in the State, Gyanendra Kumar Yadav. It was because of deepening impunity, he argued.

Also the spokesperson of the government, Minister Yadav informed that the State government was planning a strategy to minimum heinous crimes. Drug abuse free society would be built, according to him.

As per the police record, the rape victims range from of 7 to 50 year.

Chief of the State Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Pradyumna Kumar Karki, said many victims were will hesitant to disclose the rape. Many such cases were settled with the lure of money to the victims, while some were suppressed by instilling fear with threat.

As DIG Karki informed, most of the perpetrators were neighbours, family members and relatives. Hiding such crimes is a challenge to minimize it, he asserted.

Chief Attorney at State 2, Dipendra Jha, said the State 2 government was effortful to effectively implement the Criminal Code, which would deter the rape cases.