•      Mon Jun 17 2024

Survey for petro exploration in Dailekh reports 80 percent progress

Petroleum exploration works at Dailekh (file photo)

Dailekh, Jan 23: Eighty percent work progress has been reported in a final survey for the exploration of petroleum products in Dailekh. This survey based in Bhirkhet, the project’s main point, is said to be decisive for the exploration.

For the final survey, 45 ropanis of land (one ropani is equivalent to 5476 sq. ft.) at Bhirkhet of Bhairabhi rural municipality-1 has been acquired and land owners have been already provided with compensation. Twenty seven families received the compensation for the acquired land (Rs 175,000 per ropani).

This survey is said to be significant in determining the volume of raw of petroleum products and gas.According to project chief for the Department of Mines and Geology, Dinesh Kumar Napit, studies so far suggest that Dailekh could be a major source for petro and gas.

The final drilling that will go underground up to four kilometers will be vital in determining the available volume of petro products. The drilling is assisted by a giant machine brought from China, according to him.

The exploration is underway here since September-October, 2019. It is jointly carried out by the Nepal Government, the Department and the China-based Geological Survey at the cost of Rs 2.40 billion. #Nepal