•      Fri Jun 14 2024
Advertisement Board warns legal action against misleading advertisements

Kathmandu, May 23: The Advertisement Board has said misleading advertisements have been found to be published and disseminated in various media, including the social platforms, of late and appealed to one and all to refrain from this. The Board said it found in course of carrying out monitoring of various

Minister Rekha Sharma on PSB
Minister Sharma stresses on business promotion thru transparent advertising market

Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said only transparent advertising market based on healthy competition could promote

New provisions aims to make advertisement industry transparent

The Advertisement Board of Nepal has upped its interventions to make advertisement agencies' business more transparent after the Council of

House of Representatives
Development committee approves advertisement bill

Kathmandu, Aug 21: The Development and Technology Committee under the House of Representatives endorsed the Advertisement (Regulation) Bill on Wednesday.