•      Fri Jun 14 2024
A World on Edge in 2024

NEW DELHI – Israel’s devastating war in Gaza, Russia’s bloody invasion of Ukraine, America’s extraterritorial assassinations, and China’s aggressive expansionism all point to one conclusion: the global system that emerged after World War II is giving way to a world without order. But while the upheaval is undeniable – and being

A World on Edge in 2024

Any way one looks at it, a major geopolitical reconfiguration is underway. The outcome will depend significantly on developments over

India’s Quiet Rise

NEW DELHI – China’s sharp economic slowdown has raised alarm bells around the world. But it has also thrown into

America’s Myanmar Policy Is All Wrong

Just as the military-monarchy alliance has long shaped political developments in Thailand, where the generals have seized power 12 times over the last nine

The Limits of Japan’s Military Awakening

Japan’s push to become more self-reliant on defense should be welcomed. Improved defense capabilities will translate into a more confident

The Clash of Asia’s Titans

China learned from its strategic folly of invading Vietnam in 1979 and has become adept at waging asymmetric or hybrid