•      Tue Jul 23 2024
Price of cardamom increases threefold, Rs. 85,000 per quintal

Ilam, Jan 7: The price of cardamom has increased by threefold this season, bringing happiness to the farmers. Cardamom is now being sold at the highest price in the past four years. Trader Jeevan Pandey said that the price of cardamom has increased by almost three times more than last

Cardamom production increases in Ilam

Cardamom was planted on 1,753 hectares of land in the current fiscal year where 1320 metric tonnes of cardamom was

Drought hits cardamom plantation in Taplejung

Generally, the onset of Spring Season is a time cardamom flowers and buds. But, this year, cardamom plant is wilted.

Farmers earn 200 million rupees from cardamom in Lamjung

Farmers of Lamjung have earned Rs 200 million from the sale of cardamom this year. A total of 380 metric

Black cardamom prices fall, farmers and traders worry

The price of cardamom, a popular cash crop in eastern hilly region of Nepal, has fallen again. Until a week

Farmers in Taplejung busy in harvesting cardamom

Farmers in Taplejung now are busy in harvesting cardamom. With the festive season coming to an end, they are hell