•      Tue Jul 23 2024
Chandragiri municipality steps up for ‘smart city’

Chandragiri municipality has intensified its bid to prepare ‘municipal profile’ by adopting GPS-GIS system. With the completion of this task, municipal residents would receive public services through online mechanisms. Chandragiri mayor Ghanashyam Giri said, “The task of preparing municipal profile through GPS-GIS system has come to a final stage. It

Best Int’l Hospitality & Travel Award to Chandragiri Hills

Kathmandu : Chandragiri Hills Resort has won the ‘International Hospitality and Travel Award 2019’. Lawmaker at Indian Rajya Sabha and

Bangladeshi President’s entourage goes for sight-seeing at Chandragiri

Kathmandu : Members of Bangladeshi President Mohammad Abdul Hamid’s entourage visited Chandragiri Hills for a sight-seeing excursion. Twenty seven people

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang visits Chandragiri

Kathmandu, Sept 9: Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Chandragiri on Monday morning. Minister Wang, who arrived Kathmandu on