•      Tue Jul 16 2024
Government’s one year: Education bill in parliament; timely access to…

Kathmandu, Dec 27: The incumbent government has presented registration of the bill related to school education in the parliament and easy availability of text books as its achievement in education sector in a year. After the enforcement of the Nepal Constitution with a new federal republic in the country, the

Deliberation on School Education Bill begins in Education Committee

Discussion on the Nepal School Education Bill-2080 has begun in the parliamentary Committee for Education, Health and Information Technology from

Bill to revise and integrate education laws tabled in House

A Bill to revise and integrate laws relating to school education- 2080 BS has been tabled in the House of

Teacher gathered in Kathmandu to protest against Education Bill

Nepal Teachers' Federation launched the Kathmandu-based protest from today, expressing its dissatisfactions over some provisions in the Federal Education Bill

Valid demands could be included in School Education Bill: Minister…

Acting Prime Minister and Defence Minister, Purna Bahadur Khadka, has said demands which are not against the constitution and the

School Education Bill will be tabled soon: Minister Rai

Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Ashok Kumar Rai, has said that the bill related to school education would be

House of Representatives
NCE-Nepal draws attention of chief whips about education bill

The National Campaign for Education-Nepal (NCE-Nepal) has drawn attention of the whips of major political parties on the amendment to