•      Mon May 27 2024
Elephant menace continues in Shuklaphanta area

Kanchanpur, March 6: Locals of Shuklaphanta Municipality-5, Garjmuni, could not chase away a herd of elephants entering the paddy fields before night despite placing several measures. Over a dozen elephants coming from the Shuklaphanta National Park have been continuously damaging the about-to-harvest wheat crops of local farmers for the past

Wild elephants destroy paddy planted on around 20 bighas

Wild elephants straying from the Shuklaphanta National Park have destroyed paddy planted in around 20 bighas of land at Garjmuni

Tusker terror continues unabated in Jhapa

The number of elephant attacks has risen in Jhapa district that has claimed several human lives in the recent years.People

Woman killed in attack by elephant in Jhapa

A woman has died after being attacked by an elephant in Shivsatakshi municipality-11 of Jhapa. The incident took place at

Elephant and leopard menace in Buddhashanti of Jhapa

BIRTAMOD: Locals of Buddhashanti Rural Municipality in Jhapa district are terrorized after leopard started killing cattle at the rural municipality-8