•      Mon Apr 22 2024
Vitamin ‘A’ capsules, de-worming tablets being administered to children

Kathmandu, April 18: The Department of Health Services has launched the National Vitamin 'A' programme for children under five years from today. Vitamin 'A' Capsules are being administered to children from six months to 59 months of age and de-worming tablets to children from one year to five years in

National Vitamin ‘A’ campaign on April 18 and 19

Under the campaign, Vitamin 'A' capsules will be administered to children aged six months to 59 months and anti-worming tables

Children receiving Vitamin A
Children being administered Vitamin ‘A’ today

Children under five years of age are being administered Vitamin 'A' and deworming tablets across the country today and tomorrow.

Nationwide Vitamin ‘A’ campaign from today

Kathmandu, April 19: The national vitamin ‘A’ campaign for children begins from today. The campaign to administer vitamin A capsules