•      Mon May 20 2024

Team of eight Sherpas makes first ascent of Makalu

Mt Everest (file photo)

Pritam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, April 12: A team of eight Sherpas climbed Makalu today afternoon marking the first ascent of a peak above 8000m in spring 2024.

The team from Seven Summit Treks, a leading trekking and expedition company based in Kathmandu, stood atop the world’s fifth highest mountain at 4:40 pm as part of rope fixings, said SST General Manager Thaneswar Guragai.

SST had been entrusted with rope fixing on Makalu by the Expeditions Operators’ Association Nepal (EOA-Nepal). The rope fixing team was led by Lakpa Sherpa, also known as Makalu Lakpa.

Mount Makalu

Makalu is the world’s fifth-highest mountain, soaring to 8,485 meters (27,838 feet) above sea level. The peak is located on the border of Nepal and China, southeast of Mount Everest.

The mountain is famously known for its pyramid shape, making it distinct from other peaks in the Himalayas.

Makalu was first summited on 15 May 1955, by a French team, including Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy led by Jean Franco. The team climbed the mountain via the Northeast Ridge, which is the most commonly used route to the summit.

Among the most prominent two routes–South East and the North West Ridge, the North West Ridge is used by most mountaineers to reach the top of the peak.

The peak presents significant challenges, requiring a high level of physical fitness, technical climbing skills, and mental wellbeing.

The mountain is known for its steep and challenging Northeast Ridge route, and the thin air and extreme altitude make it a demanding climb.

However, for those prepared to confront the challenge, the experience of standing atop Makalu can be extremely rewarding.#nepal